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Content Wizards Introduction

content-wizardWelcome to the Code Bungle School for aspiring Content Wizards!  In our brief time together, you budding content wizards will learn the true meaning of the term NOOB.  Let’s take a look at the course contents you’ll be well familiar with by graduation:

White Tome of Content Wizardry – The lore from the white tome of content wizardry will help you quickly dust off the shackles of Noob-kind, and begin your journey as a content wizard.

Red Tome of Content Wizardry – Within the red tome lies the forgotten secrets of quality content.  Upon the pages are scribbled an ancient language and the very essence of adding imagery and media to your posts and pages.

Black Tome of Content Wizardry – Forbidden, you must go from here!  GO!

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Learn More About Joomla Migration

Currently writing more here, and we will cover Joomla migration.

To start off with, Joomla migration can be extremely easy, or extremely laborious, and it all depends on your migration path. You should at least consult with an expert first, because you may be about to chew off a lot more than you bargained for doing it yourself. With several early Joomla sites still floating around, your migration may require replacing some outdated extensions and installing a new theme and/or framework to accommodate mobile considerations.  Some newer installs can take advantage of a 1-click migration, but it’s not for the feint of heart.  Please, please, please make sure you have a backup first!  

If you have a backup already, consider it untested.  Without a backup you have successfully reinstalled on a new location, what will you do in case of failure along the migration path?

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Save Time Using Multi Plugin Installer With the Best WordPress Plugins

If you know enough about WordPress to install a plugin, we wrote this article for you. We know you have your own favorite WordPress plugins, so at least check out the Multi Plugin Installer, which easily installs all of your favorite plugins at once.

In order to qualify as “Best WordPress Plugins” we basically have to use the plugin on almost all of our WP installs. You won’t find plugins for large style functionality enhancements here,  just the simple, basic, best plugins that you should use on every site without exception, kinda!

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Front and Back-end Matching Styles in WordPress Editor

Please find here: Instructions detailing how to get front and back-end, Matching Styles in WordPress Editor. Many clients ask for this feature! Check this out if you have experienced already, the frustration of using stock settings, which don’t match the styles of your site. In truth it makes a lot of sense to be able to preview front-end changes in the content editor without refreshing a separate tab, does it not? Here are three easy file changes, that quickly enable front and back-end matching styles in the WordPress content editor.  

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Twig Changes Won’t Update Gantry 5

Are you sitting there trying to update you website when twig changes won’t update gantry 5 seemingly?

You need to copy the twig file to themes/Your_Theme/custom/views/partials/  If you edit the actual twig file, I could never get it to update the website! I finally went and read through some documentation, and as soon as I added the twig file to the custom directory I got it working.  I’m going to expand on this, but I just wanted to create a post, so I don’t forget.  Gantry 5 seems great, but there’s a new condundrum for me, because I have to learn yet another markup.  Yoshimi help me!

I’m sure all web designers are going through the same thing, because the first few things I’ve tried to do have ended in failure, we need cheat sheets!  I’ll start the hunt.

Harness the Power of a Four-way Mission Statement for Every Website

Having a refined message you can refer back to for each web site you operate, seems essential for business that don’t want to get lost in their own dressings. With information flooding in and out in bulk, fragmented by overlapping campaigns and strategies, how often will you get lost in the flavor of the month? A possible way to cut down on all that ADHD, just institute a four-way mission statement, and once you get the hang of it, do it for all of your websites.

The way I break it down, makes the most sense to me, but you might have your own nuances and tweaks that make it work for you. I have a public and private statement, and then for each I have a primary mission objective and a secondary objective. My off-the-clock personality is a flight simulator enthusiast, so it just makes sense to have a primary and secondary obj. After all you have two of just about everything else, don’t you? Okay, so here’s how the mission statements read for a sandbox site I was testing, and keep in mind, I wouldn’t publish private goals. They should be for your eyes, plus your cabinet officers can peek.

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Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design from Megabotix adds professional intrigue to your presentation.  When you want to communicate an idea by leaving a lasting image in the mind, don’t cut corners on custom logo design.  First impressions can make or break your visitor intake, leaving your web pages high and dry, which kills the whole vibe. For hints, take a look at logos from successful companies similar to your own, and see if you can list out some thoughts about their logo solution.  Modern digital graphics allow us to quickly make you an eye-catching trademark with your requirements.

“List out what strikes you about someone else’s logo.”

Of course some folks have their minds made up! Artists can’t really help develop ideas that are firmly planted in the soil of your minds. So naturally, if you know exactly what you need, then we can affordably create vectors from your existing designs. EVeryone else, find a competitor logo you like, and just look at, and ponder aloud and on paper what strikes you about it. Just kind of say whatever pops into your head, and that is really going to help me keep the time of development minimal, which currently means you save a little money on a crucial element.

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What You Need To Know About Google Analytics

This article informs new site-owners with the basics of what you need to know about Google Analytics. First off, analytics are visitor stats and so much more. Hooking your new or existing site into analytics isn’t optional, so let us help you confirm your setup, and consult with us to determine the most important statistics for your growth strategy. To find out directly from an expert, what you need to have working:

It all starts with signing up for a Google Account, or if you have one signing into Google Analytics, with your gmail address as your username. Google accounts require signing up with their larger services, so if you don’t have a Google account yet, you know your first step! Then use your google email as the username to sign into Google analytics. Once you sign-up for Google Analytics you’ll be ready to create your first web property, and we’ll guide you through that, so you can your UA code, which gets place on every page of your website, to help gather data about visitor traffic.

Then we’ll also look at setting up some basic alerts, and we’ll find out how to interpret our results. You can easily share data from your Google Analytics account to our account, and we can look at the stats together, to see what areas of your site are the most popular with your visitors.

Not surprisingly some site-owners, don’t care about their visitor statistics and don’t set it up, which seems extremely hasty. Managing a website with analytics correctly configured sounds like driving a car with black paint covering the windshield. The last thing we want new site owners guessing about is what you need to know about google analytics.

How To Add A Category Description In WordPress Gantry 5 Theme w/ Timber

Looks like the RocketTheme developers want to use timber now to somehow streamline the creation process for their fancy template engine Gantry 5. Well, if you’ve tried to add a category description in WordPress running Timber, you might be scratching your head some, and I have one solution here. Please take a look to find out how to add a category description in WordPress. This is a little different with Gantry 5, you would usually use an extremely simple php tag to accomplish this.

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Easily Backup WordPress Websites to Amazon S3 Cloud and Updraft for FREE

Looking for a free way to have automated backups that are easy to restore, without having to upload and download large archives?
You can backup wordpress websites and restore them again, when SHTF easily with the ‘UpdraftPlus Backup and Restore’ plugin. You’ll still be able to backup your site manually in case you want to secure a bunch of changes in a hurry.
Prerequisites: You will need to sign-up on an amazon.com AWS account, and a WordPress site with the ‘UpdraftPlus Backup and Restore’ plugin installed.

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