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Web Design Joomla vs WordPress

This article aims to give potential site owners and clients, a quick idea of a few differences between Joomla and WordPress, so they can confidently choose a platform and move forward with their project. Rather than focus too heavily on the technical details of these two systems, I just offer a quick compare/contrast broken into sections.

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Don’t Get Stuck, Work Around Technical Difficulties

If you’re about ready to pull you hair out because of stubborn computer problems, take a moment…one deep breath for all the people who have ever been completely frustrated with computers.  Now, don’t get stuck, work around technical difficulties.  Hoorah!

How long did I search for the Icy Hot this morning, before I realized there was a jar of Tiger Balm Liniment on the desk?  How much time could I have saved?  30 minutes.  Don’t get stuck wasting 30 minutes like me, work around technical difficulties.  Go, go, go!

“Is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?”

One simple questions to ask yourself, if you tried everything, or even if you’re just starting to feel stuck. “Is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?”  Sometimes it helps to also step back, and ask: “What am I trying to do in more general terms?”

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Read All The Screen: RATS Troubleshooting

When you run into trouble, just stop. Don’t go on to complicate further by going several steps after the error.  If you recognize you seem to be stuck,  take a moment to read ALL the screen.  I promise this will fix 90% of your issues.  90% of people are in such a hurry these days!  Where do you think they’re going?  Perhaps to lose their minds?

Take it from an expert, you need to READ ALL THE SCREEN first! RATS for short, and so easy to remember! I often take it for granted that people don’t know RATS.  Maybe RATS seems so basic you overlooked it’s usefulness?! Experts use RATS daily! That’s why I just wanted to remind you, RATS should appear in your troubleshooting tool box NOW.

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WordPress Expert For Hire

If you seek an affordable WordPress expert for hire, then you just found one.  The shear amount of work we can accomplish in a single hour competes with outsourced labor with a host of other benefits.  We aim to provide excellent communication, and diligent execution of all tasks, while relaying to you the most crucial priorities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Megabotix builds and maintains dozens of WordPress sites throughout the year.  We have five years experience working with WordPress frameworks, themes, and plugins. Our server administration experience gives us advanced troubleshooting insights and abilities.  Through good old elbow grease, and continuing education, we offer you a tested WordPress expert for hire.  Meet our chief WP Technician Adam Newdow.

adam-newdow-wordpress-expert-for-hireHi, I’ll be happy to assist you with any WordPress related tasks.  WordPress is an excellent open source content management system for building SEO websites.  With my help you can become a content wizard, which will enable you to create compelling and engaging content sure to place you above competitors.

Even content wizards, will require my help to provide ongoing oversight to WordPress related enterprise.  Through experience, we’ve found an hour per month helps keep your site out of harms way, and ensures your site remains Google compliant.

Content Wizards Introduction

content-wizardWelcome to the Code Bungle School for aspiring Content Wizards!  In our brief time together, you budding content wizards will learn the true meaning of the term NOOB.  Let’s take a look at the course contents you’ll be well familiar with by graduation:

White Tome of Content Wizardry – The lore from the white tome of content wizardry will help you quickly dust off the shackles of Noob-kind, and begin your journey as a content wizard.

Red Tome of Content Wizardry – Within the red tome lies the forgotten secrets of quality content.  Upon the pages are scribbled an ancient language and the very essence of adding imagery and media to your posts and pages.

Black Tome of Content Wizardry – Forbidden, you must go from here!  GO!

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Learn More About Joomla Migration

To start off with, Joomla migration can be extremely easy, or extremely laborious, and it all depends on your migration path. You should at least consult with an expert first, because you may be about to chew off a lot more than you bargained for doing it yourself. With several early Joomla sites still floating around, your migration may require replacing some outdated extensions and installing a new theme and/or framework to accommodate mobile considerations.  Some newer installs can take advantage of a 1-click migration, but it’s not for the feint of heart.  Please, please, please make sure you have a backup first!

If you have a backup already, consider it untested.  Without a backup you have successfully reinstalled on a new location, what will you do in case of failure along the migration path?

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Save Time Using Multi Plugin Installer With the Best WordPress Plugins

If you know enough about WordPress to install a plugin, we wrote this article for you. We know you have your own favorite WordPress plugins, so at least check out the Multi Plugin Installer, which easily installs all of your favorite plugins at once.

In order to qualify as “Best WordPress Plugins” we basically have to use the plugin on almost all of our WP installs. You won’t find plugins for large style functionality enhancements here,  just the simple, basic, best plugins that you should use on every site without exception, kinda!

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Front and Back-end Matching Styles in WordPress Editor

Please find here: Instructions detailing how to get front and back-end, Matching Styles in WordPress Editor. Many clients ask for this feature! Check this out if you have experienced already, the frustration of using stock settings, which don’t match the styles of your site. In truth it makes a lot of sense to be able to preview front-end changes in the content editor without refreshing a separate tab, does it not? Here are three easy file changes, that quickly enable front and back-end matching styles in the WordPress content editor.  

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Twig Changes Won’t Update Gantry 5

Are you sitting there trying to update you website when twig changes won’t update gantry 5 seemingly?

You need to copy the twig file to themes/Your_Theme/custom/views/partials/  If you edit the actual twig file, I could never get it to update the website! I finally went and read through some documentation, and as soon as I added the twig file to the custom directory I got it working.  I’m going to expand on this, but I just wanted to create a post, so I don’t forget.  Gantry 5 seems great, but there’s a new condundrum for me, because I have to learn yet another markup.  Yoshimi help me!

I’m sure all web designers are going through the same thing, because the first few things I’ve tried to do have ended in failure, we need cheat sheets!  I’ll start the hunt.