Thanks for taking some time to review our history and operations. 2016 is our fifth year as a web agency.  Army-of-one CEO Adam Newdow continues to conquer the inherent challenges of providing the best, affordable, web solutions for customers. If you need help immediately contact us now.

Adam Newdow, Web Worker

adam-newdowHi, I’m Adam. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia.  I work out of a small studio/office in Northside Cincinnati, where I currently manage my portfolio of clients.  I have an interest in fine-art,  aviation, and classical guitar.  I’d love to have you join my client roster.  Building successful designs poses several interesting design and coding challenges. Read on to learn more about my simple approach to freelance design.  Or contact me now, and speak to me direct.

Workflow Translations

We try to bridge the technical language barrier between IT providers and their customers. Allow me to introduce you to Workflow Translations, where we sit down to examine your requirements and create a list of distinct task items. We understand that people don’t speak the IT language, so we take some extra time, to decode your needs into steps that a tech worker can follow to progress toward your overall vision. A Workflow Translation helps us process work orders more efficiently, and gives customers a clear trail to follow along with.  A Workflow Translation is just a simple way for us to reflect your needs, and get approval.

Megabotix Monthly Maintenance

We now require all of clients to prepay for monthly maintenance reporting to keep their site updated and healthy.  This solves multiple problems that can otherwise add up to costly problems and neglect. An hour of service per month at our normal rate, means finding problems before they turn into nightmares, and gives us a chance for simple maintenance requirements and analytics reporting. In addition prepayment covers small task items and troubleshooting that may pop-up during the month. Many providers charge exorbitant amounts for managed service, and we think our one-hour prepaid reports offer an affordable alternative. Most modern Websites require constant attention, and Megabotix Monthly Maintenance offers expert oversight.

Minimum Charge

For customers who forgo Monthly Maintenance, we’d like to politely remind you, that we have a one-hour minimum on troubleshooting and other one-time requests. If you don’t think you request will add up to an hour, please inquire with us, and we’ll help you discover additional task items to fill out your request more fully.