Thanks for taking some time to review our history and operations. 2017 is our sixth year as a web agency.  Army-of-one CEO Adam Newdow continues to conquer the inherent challenges of providing the best, affordable, web solution for customers. If you need help immediately Contact Us now.  We offer many critical services and continue to expand.  Let us handle your web oriented technical concerns.

Trending Innovation: 2016 In Review

3D Modelling at Megabotix

2016 We introduced our ability to create visual interest using 3D modeling to create artist impressions for a production site! Now, you can take advantage of all the visual wow factor that 3D modeling can afford.  3D modeling helps you control exactly how your products appear and brings consistency to your brand!  Check out our work at, the number one Glow Paint source on the world wide web, and Contact Us today, to schedule your 3D workflow.

HoggitDev Community A-4E Flight Module

The Community A-4E volunteer group continues to work diligently on our A-4E Simple Flight Model.  I’ve had the honor of participating with some great artist and coders to basically hack our way into the procedure for adding an aircraft to the Digital Combat Simulator!  Jan 2017…12 Months on the project, and we’ve accomplished so much!  Looking forward to presenting our work over the last year in the form of some custom HD desktop backgrounds.

Fine Art Portraits Pick Up Pace in 2017

We haven’t yet hit the ideal pace for portraits, but the effort continues.  Working on a classic David Bowie portrait from his work in Labyrinth.  So far I have two of these, and really enjoying the kind of insights that develop when you paint the same image repeatedly.  Also interesting to see the subtle differences between the different artworks. If you’d like your own David Bowie commemorative portrait, please let me know.

Adam Newdow, Web Worker

adam-newdowHi, call me Jones.  Here in Northside Cincinnati, to serve you!  I have an interest in fine-art,  aviation, and classical guitar.  I’d love to have you join my client roster.  Building successful designs poses several interesting design and coding challenges. Read on to learn more about my simple approach to freelance design.  Or contact me now using the site, and I’ll reply via e-mail.

Cincinnati Web Design Services

Look no further for a dedicated Web Design expert in Cincinnati or the world over. Adam Newdow has all the skill and experience to quickly update and evolve your on-line strategy. Megabotix remains dedicated 24/7 to keeping your visitors satisfied and returning to your site.

Minimum Charge Reminder

For customers who forgo Monthly Maintenance, we’d like to politely remind you, that we have a one-hour minimum on troubleshooting and other one-time requests. If you don’t think you request will add up to an hour, please inquire with us, and we’ll help you discover additional task items to fill out your request more fully.