Custom Logo Design from Megabotix adds professional intrigue to your presentation.  When you want to communicate an idea by leaving a lasting image in the mind, don’t cut corners on custom logo design.  First impressions can make or break your visitor intake, leaving your web pages high and dry, which kills the whole vibe. For hints, take a look at logos from successful companies similar to your own, and see if you can list out some thoughts about their logo solution.  Modern digital graphics allow us to quickly make you an eye-catching trademark with your requirements.

“List out what strikes you about someone else’s logo.”

Of course some folks have their minds made up! Artists can’t really help develop ideas that are firmly planted in the soil of your minds. So naturally, if you know exactly what you need, then we can affordably create vectors from your existing designs. EVeryone else, find a competitor logo you like, and just look at, and ponder aloud and on paper what strikes you about it. Just kind of say whatever pops into your head, and that is really going to help me keep the time of development minimal, which currently means you save a little money on a crucial element.

“Consider a style that catches your customer’s attention.”

Don’t settle on a single idea.  Even a lonely concept can be recreated in various styles depending on the intended audience. I think I’ll come back and post some examples of what I mean, but basically Grunge, Retro, Minimal, Web 2.0, Corporate Clean, you could create a slightly different look by changing a few basic characteristics. You want to have cross-over appeal of course, but consider your primary target audience as the guiding style for your custom logo design, and you’ll grab more attention, which you need a lot of clicks on the internet.

More Information About Megabotix Custom Logo Design

A snazzy trademark communicates to the left and right brain simultaneously.  While our design team(Adam) certainly has some knack for trademarking though experience, we have a tried-and-true method. We’ve serviced custom logo design customers for a decade, and we use a typical method of brainstorming and refinement, plus a dash of creative genius to bring it all together in a single design. Our logos are sublime so if you appear more interested in affordable cost, take a look at our information about cheap logo design, because we certainly offer cheap logo design services, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing that particular service. Here we want to think in terms of a robust logo design process, albeit still quite efficient.  A cheap logo still looks good, but the creation process is quick and dirty, and there’s not a lot of further options for what you get.

The Process

Each custom logo design process is unique, and yet follows a similar route. We always start by stepping back to consider the whole project, and if there might be a hidden or underlying motive, we aren’t aware of first! This is like checking to make sure the computer is plugged in before calling to say the power is out. Next we, collect basic details like the exact typography of the company name, and whether there are special characters, symbols or letters, that need to be incorporated in the custom logo design. It might need a ‘trademark’ or ‘registered’ symbol…perhaps a domain name has ‘.com’ in the logo? Once we know for sure that the spelling looks proper, we consider font options. At the same time, some workable ideas are starting to foment into rough thumbnail sketches, and vector software gets initialized.

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Custom Logo Design Deliverables

Your custom logo will be prepared in vector illustration software so that it can be re-sized at anytime to appear in sharp detail, no matter what the circumstance of your presentation. Within reason, we will work with you to prepare the artwork for your required application. We can also work directly with your other vendors, to ensure that your printed collateral looks exactly the way you want it to. When you initiate the custom logo design process at Megabotix you own the logo, and you have full rights, though we always appreciate a testimonial if you really appreciate the outcome of our methods and creative work.