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Dedicated to Dynamic Projects and Affordable Marketing

Megabotix continues to service web related work, now for five years running!  Find herein a brief history of our struggles and challenges in the 21st century, battling bits and bytes to deliver affordable marketing for our customers, clients, and site-owners. I sprinkled in some personal anecdotes and a section dedicated to our Team, even though […]


We Translate Your Needs Into Workflows

With workflows we service a higher volume of work with greater efficiency than we used to. Let workflows change the entirety of how you conceptualize your project and take advantage. It really seems amazing, once you see how much can get done in a single session. Workflows are win/win.  A Workflow is a collection of […]


Restructuring 80% Complete

tl;dr Please file all web work requests using the form below for now, I’m working on additional forms right now.  Effective March 1st: ALL clients are required to host their production site on their own hosting package.  Overdue projects will be completed before any new work is accepted.

Dear site owners and potential customers, first let me say “Thank you!” for allowing me to restructure my business to handle a huge surge in work volume.  The real world doesn't stop and I understand that.  I would like to get your work in queue and completed as quickly as possible.   The site is now SSL encrypted, so you can securly pass your information on these forms. I recommend that you use an affordable hosting package from Godaddy, Bluehost, or consult with me for the latest recommendation.


Crisis Averted: Time to Restructure this Enterprise.

Sunday 2100 Client Site Acting Up   Sunday twenty-one hundred hours, one of my clients sites sends out a message from the contact form.  An inconspicuous comment from a 'concerned' visitor who wishes to alert the site owner of slow loading pages.  I recognize the message immediately as a solicitation to my client for web […]


Megabotix Spring Update

Hi folks, I'm rolling out a short update, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy talking through a keyboard.  Megabotix, has been very busy since the start of the year, getting folks hooked up with the latest greatest from the Joomla! platform.  It's amazing just how many people are still operating on the old J1.5! system.  If you didn't know, that system is a security vulnerability, and you need to go ahead an migrate to a newer version of Joomla.  Migration is the perfect time to get your site mobile ready, and that's where the incredible Gantry framework comes into play.  I think Gantry is suitable for almost all clients, and here is a short list of the reasons:

  • Gantry uses Bootstrap, which is a very nice set-up of basic styles, that enable a mobile-ready website almost instantly.
  • Super flexible layouts in Gantry enable me to get your site up fast, and make major revisions like it ain't no thang.
  • Wordpress supports Gantry too, so if your a die-hard Wordpress fan, we can do that.
  • Incredible selections of Commercial themes available from RocketThemes if you need an affordable way to go all out.

If you want to see some of my favorite client sites built on Gantry there are plenty to choose from.  Take a look at,, to start!


Weekend Warrior – 5pm Fridays

What if you could get to work on Monday and already be ahead of everyone else?  Weekend warrior Adam Newdow can assist you because he doesn't stop when 9-5 employees go home.  Are you kicking back to enjoy the evening or taking a day off to recuperate from the grind? Adam continues working.  There's no additional cost.  All you have to do is get into the weekend workflow and you'll have your materials by Monday.



Apache Openmeetings

Apache Openmeetings is an exciting open source project that will enable your firm to provide some exciting services to clients and staff as well.  I’ve been testing out an instance of this collaborative platform for the last week, pro bono for one of my VIP clients.  We found this system to be, both affordable to […]


Behemoth Beneath the Surface



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