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I started developing for DCS in Jan 2016.  I post what I know here, and I hope to revise these articles up to snuff with video examples and clear standard operating procedures for future developers.

Community A-4E: Editable Vector Gunsight Part I

If you want to make a really awesome gunsight for your DCS World flight module, I will show you how I approached the challenge for the Community A-4E.   The gunsight pattern depends on the Collimator model used in the particular airframe.  In my finished vector file, I still have the capability to tune certain […]


How to DCS World Update Release

SkateZilla’s Guide to Updating your DCS World Release.  Link to the full thread, with a few choice commands listed for convenience.


DCS World Bort Number Animations in 3ds

The following summary outlines the procedures used to get bort animations working in DCS World.  I will help you create a texture, link it to a 3ds material, animated the texture, and then apply it to custom locations on your aircraft’s external model. First, let’s look at the built-in animation arguments for displaying the bort numbers.


Daily Sunset and Sunrise Times for 40 degree N Latitude

Creating a mission for DCS Digital Combat Simulator? In that case, I have this nice chart regarding daily sunset and sunrise times for 40 degrees N latitude.


DCS World Video Recording Technical Guide

Maxing Out Settings Adjusting Pan/Zoom Speed Capturing Footage Basic Viewing Commands Changing Control Rate Warping Game Time Processing w/ Handbrake Planning Your Video Links Introduction to DCS World Video Recording DCS world presents the unique opportunity for capturing high-definition footage in the fantastically realistic world created by Eagle Dynamics! I’ve created this cheat sheet to serve as […]


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