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Google substantially dominates all other search engines conducting a 90% share of all internet searches. Sign up here to stay in the loop on their latest policies and refinements. Also, please enjoy our featured content discussing Google strategy below.

What You Need To Know About Google Analytics

This article informs new site-owners with the basics of what you need to know about Google Analytics. First off, analytics are visitor stats and so much more. Hooking your new or existing site into analytics isn’t optional, so let us help you confirm your setup, and consult with us to determine the most important statistics […]


Can the world at large find your business online?

The web only presents an affordable marketing option if people look for your business or search with terms that return your business in the results.  Everyone knows they want to come up on the top page of Google, but how do you get in the top 10?  To move up the ranks you won't need to […]


How To Improve My Site’s Google Rank

Use White Hat SEO Techniques

First off, everyone should understand by now the name of the game is user engagement and NOT ‘Keywords’ [Okay … So, keywords are important, but they are NOT the “name of the game.”]  When I am creating site structures, I have to understand keywords and search engine friendly URLs. It is astounding, how many people are […]


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