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Mastering the Joomla htaccess security file to harden your website against hackers

Joomla htaccess security

Webmasters running Joomla CMS need to use a customized .htaccess file to secure their Joomla installations on any hosting environment. Joomla htaccess security works especially well on shared hosting from Bluehost. As I understand it, we have two strategies to source our own custom, tweaked implementation. If you don’t get this right your Joomla install will […]


Keep Your Site Healthy with Monthly Website Maintenance

monthly website maintenance

We offer one free month: a $40 value when you commit to 3 months of monthly website maintenance.  We check the most crucial features of your site, fix critical errors, and recommend priority changes in an hour of expert service.  Please take a quick look at the work log from our most recent monthly website maintenance work!


Learn More About Joomla Migration

To start off with, Joomla migration can be extremely easy, or extremely laborious, and it all depends on your migration path. You should at least consult with an expert first, because you may be about to chew off a lot more than you bargained for doing it yourself. With several early Joomla sites still floating […]


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