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Keep Your Site Healthy with Monthly Website Maintenance

monthly website maintenance

We offer one free month: a $40 value when you commit to 3 months of monthly website maintenance.  We check the most crucial features of your site, fix critical errors, and recommend priority changes in an hour of expert service.  Please take a quick look at the work log from our most recent monthly website maintenance work!


Cincinnati Web Design

If you’re located in Cincinnati, Ohio and you need a local web designer to meet with and discuss your project in person, well then, you’ve come to a very strong contender, Adam Newdow.  Sure, web design is not the glamorous job I dreamt of when I was a kid, like astronaut or megalomaniac, but it’s […]


Voice-over Recording

{audio}/images/audio/adam-newdow-voice-over-sample-clear.mp3{/audio} It might be time to come to terms with the fact, that most web users, are not going to dive to deep into your written content, but don't get discouraged.  There is a clear and effective way to get your message heard.  Hire Megabotix for your voice-over needs, and save a bundle over the […]


Joomla Repair

Maybe Your Site is Having a Bad Day? It is not always a requirement that we have to reinvent the wheel. In fact it never is. If your site has a substantial momentum of work, but is not delivering satisfaction, then contact me. I'll be happy to take a look at your project, and determine […]


Secure eCommerce

Are your transactions secured with SSL?

If you plan on taking credit card information through your site, then we want to make sure the SSL certificate is working.  Otherwise, you are breaking a law by sending private information willy nilly through cyberspace.  Lock that code down, and avoid spilling your data to identity thieves.  It's hard enough to make an honest buck without scoundrels nipping at your heals.  Well, at least the idea of securing data is common enough.  What isn't common?  Someone with the tenacity and know how to make sure it's working properly.  I can make sure you have the proper SSL encryption, and your visitor's feel safe when they visit your site.


Joomla Migration

Is your site built on an out of date version of Joomla?

The voluteers that support Joomla open source, have ended their support for the Joomla 1.5 content management system.  The newest Joomla is version 3, and it is ready for production level sites. You might want to check it out, to me is feels very luxurious. Joomla 3 is visually pleasing, mobile-ready, and a dream to work with.

You're probably trying to figure out about how much a migration costs, and that isn't perfectly straight forward. The cheapest one I've managed is probably just over four hundred. The reason it can be tricky to estimate, is that usually a migration goes hand in hand with a massive redesign. From my experience, the older Joomla sites are on outdated themes, which makes a migration prime time to upgrade to a mobile friendly layout.


New WordPress Site

Do you prefer sites built in Wordpress?

Arguably the most popular CMS ever, Wordpress has a refined interface and boast many free and commercial extensions, which can add untold power to your site.


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