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Megabotix: Scratch Your Backlinks

Back linking builds rich interwoven structures that get eyes on your material, instead of your well thought out content languishing with poor readership.  The new professionalism weighs engagement higher than consistency, so why not add some spice to your online presentation and make a few friends in the process?


Helpful Articles for Web Gurus

How to Take Webpage Screenshots from the Command Line in Ubuntu Linux


Digital Ocean, Ubuntu, IspConfig 3, The Server’s Time To Die

tl;dr Ikkyu makes an excuse for his carelessness. A Zen story to mourn the passing of my primary server. As a young monk, Ikkyu got himself in trouble one day when he accidentally dropped his master's tea cup, breaking it into many pieces. This was serious, because the tea cup was the master's favorite. It […]


How Can I Build a Professional Looking Resume Website?

Welcome to my Journal for this article topic: How Can I Build a Professional Looking Resume Website?  In this case I have a client who already tried a startup, and it's going a little slow.  He came up with a second startup, and fortunately I convinced him to just present himself as plainly as possible in […]


HELP! My Joomla 3 Site Got Attacked by Malware, How do I Clean and Restore My Site?

If your Joomla 3 site gets attacked by Malware, you’re going to have to weigh your options.  Contact me here for an affordable way to clean it up now, and save yourself the trouble of having to carefully perform the following. Let’s begin.  Today’s client contacted me requiring assistance and consulting for a malware attack. […]


Joomla CMS – Free Power for Dynamic Business

Almost everyone will build a site in Joomla CMS at some point in their life.  I hear you scoffing, but it's true.  Unless you want to deal with WordPress continually, then you will eventually need a break from the other leader in content management.  I think what sets Joomla CMS apart from the competition right […]


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