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Add a WordPress Gallery to your post using the Media Library

Inserting a gallery into your posts, instead of just single images will display your photos in a nice grid fashion that will appeal to your visitors.   Adding a WordPress Gallery to your Post using the Media Library 1. Position the cursor above the text in the content editor, and then from the menu item […]


Col. Adam Newdow Web Flight Coordinator

Hi there! I'm not a real Colonel, but I can coordinate a web offensive to take town the comptetion. Thanks for taking a moment to check out my skills.  In an ideal world the following chart would help you quickly determine if I am suitable for your project.  Well, technology is changing every second.  If […]


Two Days Working On This

Hello everyone, if you've been following along with my most recent build, thank you. I got a huge amount covered in just one day, and even got to send out a newsletter, which I haven't really done yet! It worked even better than I execpted, and I can't wait to start putting together next months […]


Team Up With Megabotix

Hello and welcome. I’m just getting the new site going now, depending on when you are reading this! What we’ve got is a fully updated Joomla 3 installation, running Gantry 4. So, at this point I’ve just installed my favorite plugins to help manage the site, and the graphics, sounds, and video media. We are […]


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