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Category: White Tomb of Content Wizardry

Welcome to the White Tomb of Content Wizardry. We’ll go over all the crucial basics of editing online content, so that you can effect a larger audience without having to spend two lifetimes learning technical jargon.

Copyright Free Images for Commercial Use

Commerical Use Stock Imagery

Hi there code cadets.  I just wanted to take a minute to address illustrating your content.  Unless you’re publishing peer review scientific journals, you might want to add some catchy graphics to your writing.  You can’t just take anything you find and call it your own, especially on commercial projects.  You’ll need to acquire some […]


Don’t Get Stuck, Work Around Technical Difficulties

If you’re about ready to pull you hair out because of stubborn computer problems, take a moment…one deep breath for all the people who have ever been completely frustrated with computers.  Now, don’t get stuck, work around technical difficulties.  Hoorah! How long did I search for the Icy Hot this morning, before I realized there […]


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