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Category: Troubleshooting Wordpress

Front and Back-end Matching Styles in WordPress Editor

Please find here: Instructions detailing how to get front and back-end, Matching Styles in WordPress Editor. Many clients ask for this feature! Check this out if you have experienced already, the frustration of using stock settings, which don’t match the styles of your site. In truth it makes a lot of sense to be able to preview front-end […]


Twig Changes Won’t Update Gantry 5

Are you sitting there trying to update you website when twig changes won’t update gantry 5 seemingly? You need to copy the twig file to themes/Your_Theme/custom/views/partials/  If you edit the actual twig file, I could never get it to update the website! I finally went and read through some documentation, and as soon as I added […]


How To Add A Category Description In WordPress Gantry 5 Theme w/ Timber

Looks like the RocketTheme developers want to use timber now to somehow streamline the creation process for their fancy template engine Gantry 5. Well, if you’ve tried to add a category description in WordPress running Timber, you might be scratching your head some, and I have one solution here. Please take a look to find out […]


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