We at Megabotix have had the pleasure of maintaining both Meinsurance.com and Cumberlandfair.com for the last four years.  Both of these sites run on the award winning Joomla CMS.  CMS means Content Management Systems, and that just refers to web software that manages your site.  With a Joomla system you need a specialist and veteran Joomla worker who can get through tough issues.

Meinsurance.com Maine Insurance Agency

The Maine Insurance Agency website houses a dozen or so articles written for the most crucial SEO keywords.  The site received a complete renovation from an earlier Joomla 1.5x CMS Platform, and now has the advantage of the latest Joomla updates.  The site still has 3rd party hosting, and therefore we battle a fair amount of shared-hosting issues.  We look to increase the performance of this site using Megabotix Hosting in 2017.

At this time, the site still loads lightning fast, owing to optimized images and a somewhat lean framework called Gantry.  Gantry takes advantage of Bootstrap’s responsive framework for delivering the site scaled to any device from handheld to massively HD resolution.  Often, a responsive framework can speed development of your site, but with shortcuts always comes a price. Remember that modern sites need to fit several resolutions now, so you need a responsive framework.  At this point people expect it!

Cumberlandfair.com Cumberland County Annual Fair

The Cumberlandfair.com website could use a little modernizing, and 2017 might afford such an opportunity.  The site takes advantage of several forms to speed up the registration process for the ongoing annual fair.  This site, despite a vintage look, runs on the latest version of the Joomla Content Management System.  Like Meinsurance.com, Cumberlandfair.com also runs on 3rd party hosting which means it can have sluggish response times vs. a dedicated server.

Both sites have quickly overcome malware and various attacks throughout the years.  Our clients stand by our abilities to keep hackers at bay and deliver consistent uptime over the long haul.  This year with Cumberlandfair.com we look forward to a sandbox site where we’ll update the look for modern mobile devices.