Hello and welcome to another Megabotix client spotlight. A & I Equipment fulfills all your food processing equipment needs as our February 2017 featured client. Megabotix has enjoyed working with the A & I Equipment CEO for the last four years!

Custom SEO Strategy

Our SEO Strategy on A & I Equipment supposes that our visitors will search for a particular piece of food processing hardware. With that in mind, we’ve designed WordPress categories to reflect the different types of food processing equipment, like grinding or mixing for example. Our WordPress tags reflect the different equipment manufacturers. Each post lists a single piece of A & I inventory so that our keyword for that post remains targeted.

Multiplying the SEO Goodness

Since the A & I Equipment website needs to rank for specific searches, we take full advantage of the WordPress engine to multiply our efforts. Products can appear at several URLs besides their main posting. For instance, a ‘Forsberg Gravity Table’ will have a dedicated post and it will appear on the Forsberg manufacturing page. It also appears on the ‘separating equipment’ page, so we three URLs featuring that content each in a slightly different way.

Inventory at a Glance

On A & I Equipment website, we wanted to give visitors the ability to see all the inventory in one concise list, without having to navigate long feeds of equipment listings.  WordPress makes this powerful.  Using PHP, the web language of WordPress, we create a list that dynamically changes to reflect the latest changes to the site’s content.