Time keeps slamming forward.  Everyday there are new innovations in software and hardware, and tasks that were out of reach become attainable.  At this point in the game, I can wake up with nothing on my plate, and be innovating in a programming language I hadn't even heard of before lunch, with positive results.  Memorizing things is helpful, but problem solving using Google is the key.  The key to getting that right, is the magic phrase!  For instance, the layman might type in "how do I fix my email?" Were as, I enter with "Postfix Dovecot Ubuntu Fail2ban Postgrey."  You can see how mind is a little more specific about what the problem is.

Some of the latest greatest nerdcore, I've got my hands in:

  • Executing Python scripts via linux cron job, which checks a webform daily using Mechanize.
  • Hardening the email server to prevent spam with technologies such as an spf record, HELO, postgrey, and other authentication checks (SASL, SSL, TLS)
  • Configuring Monit to monitor, and manage services, to approach 100% uptime.
  • Custom server design harnessing the power of ISPConfig3 to effective replace a $300/month managed hosting solution.