First off, everyone should understand by now the name of the game is user engagement and NOT ‘Keywords’ [Okay … So, keywords are important, but they are NOT the “name of the game.”]  When I am creating site structures, I have to understand keywords and search engine friendly URLs. It is astounding, how many people are not taking advantage of SEF(search engine friendly) urls and only a few even use keywords correctly.  They can’t be overlooked, and at the same time, you need to focus on the visitor experience, and figure out how to keep them from bouncing off your site. That is what is meant by user engagment. Advanced Google Algorithms(fancy math) are created to keep SEO methods fresh, so that scammers can’t take advantage of the system.  There are always loopholes, but Google has a proven record of systematically closing them in ingenious ways.  Never try to trick them.  Instead, download or visit the Google documentation on the subject and get wise to the 4-1-1.

Use White Hat SEO Techniques

Never try to trick Google.

You are also going to need some help from Google’s assortment of free tools available for web owners and developers alike.  The two essential tools are Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools.  Linking accounts is easy with Google, so I often set-up the groundwork first, and then I link the accounts, so my clients can have access.  Clients are busy, and don’t have a lot of extra time to deal with their web site statistics, so it’s challenging to get them engaged.  One trick I use, is to embed the visitor stats right into their back-end dashboard in Joomla or WordPress.  I feel strongly though, that clients really need to be hands on with the real Google Analytics interface, as well as, the tools available in Google Webmaster Tools.  A screenshare is a great way to get a guided tour from an expert, and then you can check it out on your own, at your leisiure. to be continued…in Part II (Make My Article Into an SEO Smart Bomb)