This article informs new site-owners with the basics of what you need to know about Google Analytics. First off, analytics are visitor stats and so much more. Hooking your new or existing site into analytics isn’t optional, so let us help you confirm your setup, and consult with us to determine the most important statistics for your growth strategy. To find out directly from an expert, what you need to have working:

It all starts with signing up for a Google Account, or if you have one signing into Google Analytics, with your gmail address as your username. Google accounts require signing up with their larger services, so if you don’t have a Google account yet, you know your first step! Then use your google email as the username to sign into Google analytics. Once you sign-up for Google Analytics you’ll be ready to create your first web property, and we’ll guide you through that, so you can your UA code, which gets place on every page of your website, to help gather data about visitor traffic.

Then we’ll also look at setting up some basic alerts, and we’ll find out how to interpret our results. You can easily share data from your Google Analytics account to our account, and we can look at the stats together, to see what areas of your site are the most popular with your visitors.

Not surprisingly some site-owners, don’t care about their visitor statistics and don’t set it up, which seems extremely hasty. Managing a website with analytics correctly configured sounds like driving a car with black paint covering the windshield. The last thing we want new site owners guessing about is what you need to know about google analytics.