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What We Need to Get You Started

We need ftp or administrative access to your hosting and domain name in order to complete work on your site. If you don’t have a web host yet, we recommend bluehost. We do manage web technology at the server level of infrastructure, but we do not host client websites. Server management requires an additional level of troubleshooting and security management, that simple promotional, and ecommerce customers don’t seem aware of and don’t need to pay for, IF they just secure their own hosting first. If you need any assistance understanding hosting, we can help you understand the basic essence. When selecting your plan from a host, you should not pay more than $10/month. Please choose a LINUX based server when asked to choose between Windows or LINUX hosting. LINUX capitalized, so you can easily remember LINUX.

Joomla and WordPress WebsitesWe want to be so slammed with work that we have to hire people. Our current offer is a 40/month for an hour of expert level consulting to make sure your site is maintained, secure, and updated to the latest software all the way from your web server to your typeface. We carefully test, examine, and review your current site providing you with a detailed report of our findings. In addition to that we correctly configure your most crucial systems to make sure critical priorities are addressed sooner. For more time consuming updates look to our Workflow Translation to service your needs.

Securing Your Site

The internet is teaming with hackers and bots that want to exploit any vulnerability in your site to propagate spam and Viagra ads. Google will be quick to blacklist your site, and warn the public of your debauchery, if you don’t secure your site against hackers. Install WordFence to your WordPress site now, if you haven’t. Hire Megabotix to review your site files and keep everything up to date. Once a month we take a careful look at your site, and determine what steps are necessary to improve security.

Updating Your Site

Joomla and WordPress require regular updates. Updates break things sometimes, so they can’t be automated. This creates a situation where you need to manually update your site core and extensions/plugins. If you update yourself, be sure to process a backup before and after updates, or you open yourself to catastrophe, when updating goes horribly wrong. Updating seems easy, and often goes without issue, but don’t take for granted what’s actually happening! One dropped network connection in the middle of your update can lead to a completely broken site.

Maintainingg Your Site

There seems at least a few clients who still thing websites are a turnkey product, but that appears false to us. Websites need constant growth that reflect the growth of their business. Someone needs to actually go through all the pages and make sure things are consistent and not breaking the page layout. Every once in a while it pays to actually view your site on a phone, or iPad, and ensure it renders correctly. You need to login to Web Master Tools, and make sure you didn’t miss crucial notifications as Google enhances their methods.

Our New Support Resources

We aim to bushwhack our way through the complicated maze of technical jargon, and post useful articles to help those on a similar journey. Look forward to concise and plain-language entries written to rescue you from chasing false leads to further difficulties. We’ll recommend the best open source solutions to get you back in the driver seat. We work on Joomla and WordPress websites with zest.