We’re offering one free month: a $40 value when you commit to 3 months of monthly website maintenance.  We check the most crucial features of your site, fix critical errors, and recommend priority changes in an hour of expert service.  Please take a quick look at the work log from our most recent monthly website maintenance work:

Check for existing backup...Feb, 2nd, that's yesterday
Change to weekly backup mode
15 Plugin Updates
Refreshed showcase message
broken link check returned...7 broken links
Fixed...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...broken links fixed

Analytics Notes:  User Flow shows healthy site, but could use a traffic boost as always.  Most popular pages after homepage are:
DCS Video guide
Apache Openmeetings - added call to action

Web Master Tools Notes:
Top impressions:
trademark logo design
hire wordpress expert
hire a wordpress expert
Joomla SEO expert

Priority areas that could use help:

Since your product is expert labor, make it easier for visitors to see your very best work.  Add fresh content, the most recent post
 should highlight the coolest thing you've been working on in the last month.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Monthly Website Maintenance Service

Question: Will I be charge a reoccurring fee automatically for monthly website maintenance?
Answer: No, this is a one time charge of $120 for 4 total hours of service over a 4 month time frame.

Question: What happens when you discover areas that need more work, or special attention?
Answer: I fix anything quick during maintenance, and take note of areas that require additional time outside of a simple checkup.

Question: Can’t I just do this stuff myself, why would I hire someone?
Answer: Yes, you can, and in my experience, sites perform better overall when an expert takes a look monthly at critical areas.

Monthly Website Maintenance, will patch vulnerabilities and help catch malware before it spreads.  We make sure that Google doesn’t throw errors for your sitemap, and we check that backups are maintained automatically over the cloud.  You never have to worry about worst-case scenarios with a monthly check in place.  Contact us today, and talk directly to the person who will perform the maintenance.  Need to ask us a quick question during the month?  With monthly website maintenance in place, you get great troubleshooting service, without minimum charges.