Managers Take Refuge, Megabotix Tells How

We help managers with their company’s websites, because the boss asked you to fix it, and you want to keep your job. For incoming managers, we assume the worst case scenario. You may not really know your company’s website intimately, but since the higher ups recognize your incredible computing talent (aka you were in the break room at precisely the wrong moment) you have been tasked with fully remodeling the entire company website…by next week. Does that sound about like the gist of it? We sure hope not.

This section deals in regards to how Megabotix can help managers, who may be tasked with working on complex web sites, and who need technical expertise and horsepower to beat deadlines.  It seems fairly common in multi-person business to assign someone more or less familiar with computers as the person “in-charge” of the website.  The liaison then moves back and forth between the service provider and the boss, creating an extra layer of confusion for everyone!  If you are the unlucky person, who has to stand between an owner and an IT worker,  we want to help all three of us, but first we have to recognize the added challenges of working in a group of three people when only one person has consistent web experience.

Please contact support to find out more about how Megabotix can fit within your organization and specifically, how we can make managers jobs a little easier when dealing with tricky internet sites and pesky bosses.