Megabotix can serve as an integral link for teams seeking to present their product or service to a larger audience. We are mostly a one-man operation, though we’re growing into a multi-person operation in 2017. This means that putting Megabotix on your Team, requires adding just a single player. While just a single piece on the chess board, Adam Newdow has a variety of important skill areas to bring to the effort:

  • 6 Years Helping Small to Medium Size Business On the Internet
  • 10 Years Creating Professional Quality Graphic Design
  • Skilled w/ Suite of Contemporary Digital Design Tools
  • Life-long Commitment to Fine Art Quality
  • Coding Expertise in CSS/HTML Joomla/WordPress
  • Web Server Admin,  E-mail, Security, and Server Deployment

More Ways Teams Win With Megabotix On Board

In addition to all the great ways just mentioned, Megabotix has extra server power and space to spare.  In fact, that makes for some pretty nifty stuff.  We won’t bore you with the tech speak, but we can make your site quickly using a sandbox located on our performance server.  As you might expect we offer premium hosting on our own server since it blows regular shared hosting out of the water.

Basically, we know that clients would rather pay the minimum mark up from the base level economy shared hosting offered by other services.  We won’t call anyone out, but service can improve using Megabotix recommendations for sure.