Celebrating 6 Years – Thanks for your interest in our offerings.  2017 let’s get moving! The world didn’t end, we still have to make money, and that takes digital marketing. At Megabotix, we work like air traffic control to connect people with the technology they need.

SEO Optimization – We skillfully practice the ways of SEO Optimization, and have a working grand strategy to help increase traffic.  We develop a comprehensive menu taxonomy, and then map critical keywords so you get the maximum impact for your specialty.

Web Design and Promotion – Amazingly, you have to buy advertising space online, just like you have to buy it in magazines or on TV!  Together we discuss the myths of modern web marketing.  In just a couple hours, Megabotix can help you understand methods that will produce results, when employed consistently.

Graphic Design and Layout – Technical know-how seems nice, and it gets better when you add Fine-art expertise.  When choosing Megabotix expect us to work closely to match your design requirements.  We have over two decades experience with illustration and visual media.  We’ll help you make an impact, and get the most important information out efficiently.

Server Administration – We’ve been hardening servers for the last few years, and we can manage your website from the ground up, with Megabotix server administration.  Let us review your current plan, and we’ll guarantee you better performance for less than you currently pay, since we want to win your business.

Internet Security – At Megabotix, we cultivate the perfect blend of privacy and privilege. We’ll help you organize your growing list of security concerns, and develop a plan. You’ll breath easy knowing that visitors feel confident using your site. We handle SSL installation, and our security practices adapt to stay ahead of hackers.

Malware Removal – If Google has your site tagged, contact us right away to help get that cleared. Malware removal from Megabotix won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For less than competitors, we’ll get you back up and running with a clean slate. Plus, we’ll help you harden your security going forward.