We offer affordable options for providers servicing their own clients with our labor, and happily complete ghost writer assignments. Please contact support to further discuss your requirements.

The challenges of providers working for providers

When providers hire other providers, the later often becomes a ghost! We want to give your project high priority and deliver amazing results while remaining competitive on the larger scene. Additionally, we know that given the quality and price of our services, there exist a huge potential to resell our services for a profit. We need some form of transparency to determine our rates given these circumstances. Though we may not exist as the sole provider for your client, we expect to work directly with your client as Megabotix, or if we must, receive fair compensation for ghost services…BOO!

Communication will make or break your project!  Getting along with us should require little effort compared with bridging the tech gap with your client.  Admittedly, we can’t bridge it either.  The technical language barrier seems like an insurmountable barrier between clients and contractors. Depending on what services you require, it may not factor in highly, but some clients want the world on a shoestring.