We service WordPress Malware Removal.  Infections this year appear out of control.  If your site has malware you need to get it remedied. Google places a full-page red warning sign over your homepage in major browsers for lasting infections.  If you already have a red screen of denial, and Google tagged your site as ‘this site may be compromised,’ or other similar term, don’t panic.  Our Team(Adam) of technical experts has been battling malware right along side our valued customers for years.

A Brief History of Our Experience with Malware

At first, we suffered one frustration after another trying to fend of attacks. At the same time we were learning how to manage and administrate servers. At some point earlier this year(2015) I threw my hands up in despair, and started looking for other work. My clients basically had freely managed hosting, and weren’t able to distinguish between website malware, and a desktop virus.  With my servers hacked, and my pockets empty, I desperately struggled to forge a path out of a catastrophe.

Now the struggle continues, but this time with battle hardened resolve Megabotix adeptly tackles malware.  We restore your site, clean infected files, and seal previous ports of entry.  We complete additional steps like clearing blacklists, and assuaging Google Web Master Tools, all as part of our WordPress Malware Removal Workflow.

Protecting Yourself From Malware Infections

We’re not experts in Malware in general, we deal with it on a per need basis. The most common characteristic we’ve noticed is code injection, usually from an outdated or poorly supported plugin. To safeguard your site against malware, make sure to maintain a regular backup, and then update your plugins, and then create an additional backup. That’s the practice here at Megabotix, and that won’t stop everything. For a single site we offer Monthly Maintenance for $40. We cover an hour of workmanship on your site and verifying your site for malware is part of that package.

Too Late For Maintenance, You Got Hacked

If you think your site may be infected with malware, again don’t panic. The first thing we do is run a site scan to verify your site status. If you’d like you can give it a try.

Even if you can’t access your site’s admin panel, or have already been blacklisted with Google, we can get you back up and running clean. We also offer follow-up monitoring to ensure that if you do get malware, we can resolve it, before you get tagged with a scary red Google warning. Contact us, now to confirm your WordPress Malware Removal Workflow.