content-wizardWelcome to the Code Bungle School for aspiring Content Wizards!  In our brief time together, you budding content wizards will learn the true meaning of the term NOOB.  Let’s take a look at the course contents you’ll be well familiar with by graduation:

White Tome of Content Wizardry – The lore from the white tome of content wizardry will help you quickly dust off the shackles of Noob-kind, and begin your journey as a content wizard.

Red Tome of Content Wizardry – Within the red tome lies the forgotten secrets of quality content.  Upon the pages are scribbled an ancient language and the very essence of adding imagery and media to your posts and pages.

Black Tome of Content Wizardry – Forbidden, you must go from here!  GO!

But first! If you wish to achieve mastery over the dark art of web content publishing,  you must register your name and email with out fearless academy staff.  Remember initiate, we will never sell your personal information to a 3rd party and break the content-master’s decree!  Fill this out, and get your learn on!

Code Bungle Academy Content Wizard Registry