When you run into trouble, just stop. Don’t go on to complicate further by going several steps after the error.  If you recognize you seem to be stuck,  take a moment to read ALL the screen.  I promise this will fix 90% of your issues.  90% of people are in such a hurry these days!  Where do you think they’re going?  Perhaps to lose their minds?

Take it from an expert, you need to READ ALL THE SCREEN first! RATS for short, and so easy to remember! I often take it for granted that people don’t know RATS.  Maybe RATS seems so basic you overlooked it’s usefulness?! Experts use RATS daily! That’s why I just wanted to remind you, RATS should appear in your troubleshooting tool box NOW.

Who Needs to Read All The Screen?

Everyone from beginners to the most advanced power users should utilize RATS for troubleshooting. Face it, everyone gets impatient with computers. RATS is even more powerful than the most powerful computer wizard. An anagram for Read All The Screen, RATS appears like angle of mercy in times of tense frustration. The only thing you should check before RATS, is whether or not the computer is plugged into the wall.

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