If you’re about ready to pull you hair out because of stubborn computer problems, take a moment…one deep breath for all the people who have ever been completely frustrated with computers.  Now, don’t get stuck, work around technical difficulties.  Hoorah!

How long did I search for the Icy Hot this morning, before I realized there was a jar of Tiger Balm Liniment on the desk?  How much time could I have saved?  30 minutes.  Don’t get stuck wasting 30 minutes like me, work around technical difficulties.  Go, go, go!

“Is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?”

One simple questions to ask yourself, if you tried everything, or even if you’re just starting to feel stuck. “Is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?”  Sometimes it helps to also step back, and ask: “What am I trying to do in more general terms?”

Target Fixation Can Help and Hinder

When I’m trying to work around technical difficulties, I often get stuck to my old idea of how to fix it, even when a work around pops into my head.  What the heck!  Why are humans attached to old ideas even after new ideas appear?

I honestly can’t even understand the reflex in myself, so don’t feel alone. I’ll be trying to fix something, it’s not working, and then I have the insight! “Ah, ha!” I say, as I come up with a nifty work around. “Technical difficulties, can’t stop me I say.” Still, there appears a lingering part of me that wants to fix it the way I originally intended. Resisting this urge, seems like the final piece to the troubleshooting session.

While some initial fixation keeps you on task. If you get stuck and another way would free you up, then target fixation can trap you.  You don’t want to get trapped, do you? If you just keep a bird’s eye, then you can sometimes detect the transition from being stuck to working around technical difficulties, and finally the sinister, “but that’s not the way I wanted to fix it!”

Don’t Go At It Alone

If you get stuck, and can’t come up with a work around, don’t let technical difficulties get your goat.  Stay calm, and contact us.  Who knows, it might be really simple for an expert.  Can you imagine working on something for two hours, that’s a five minute fix?  You’ll really want to kick yourself, so don’t hesitate to drop Megabotix a line through our contact form, and find out just how stuck your are, before you waste more of your valuable time.