If you know enough about WordPress to install a plugin, we wrote this article for you. We know you have your own favorite WordPress plugins, so at least check out the Multi Plugin Installer, which easily installs all of your favorite plugins at once.

In order to qualify as “Best WordPress Plugins” we basically have to use the plugin on almost all of our WP installs. You won’t find plugins for large style functionality enhancements here,  just the simple, basic, best plugins that you should use on every site without exception, kinda!

Now, the Best WordPress Plugins

  1. Multi Plugin Installer – If a genie grants you a single wish, then wish for more wishes right!?  With Multi Plugin Installer you can add all of your plugins at once! Just enter a list of your required plugins and hit a single button to install and activate.  It can’t get any simpler!  Tell you what, I’ll leave some tailored lists you can easily copy paste below.  You’re welcome.
  2. Updraft Plus Backup and Restore – Priorities right?  The basic version is free, and you can use it to push backups to remote remote storage.  Get automatic schedule backups working easily, and restore backups fairly easily when bad things happen.
  3. Wordfence – Stop hackers before they start with WordFence security plugin for WordPress.  Set your email address to receive updates.  You can scan your files, and WordFence will let you know about any funny business.  Let’s you know when plugin’s are out of date and need to be updated.  Plenty of settings to help battle the onslaught of world wide hackers and automated bots.  If you’re in a hurry forget about fine-tuning, just install this plugin and you’re already ahead of the curve.
  4. Yoast SEO – Wow, one of the best things that every happend to WordPress appears as Yoast SEO plugin.  Again, just installing this plugin puts you a good length in front of your competition for organic rankings.  Every once in a while I have to cycle the sitemap to keep it all working for some reason.  I go to the sitemap settings area, and uncheck the ‘generate sitemap’ box.  Then save, wait…once the page reloads, I check it again, and save.  Sitemap now fresh!  You can and should submit it to web master tools manually.
  5. WP Edit – This is the old TinyMCE Editor. It allows you to customize your content editor within WordPress to add features you might be looking for like video embed and a host of other helpful actions. You can easily drag and drop buttons between toolbars, and then save to keep changes.
  6. Gravity Forms – Megabotix owns a developer license, and we’ll be happy to install it on any site we build. This rich forms plugin allows you to create any form imaginable. Well, you’ll have to be able to configure it, and we can help.
  7. Google Analytics Dashboard – Don’t be in the dark about your visitor stream. Irregular dips in traffic can alert you to critical issues, but you have to look at your visitor data every once in a while. This plugin makes it easy, by putting your basic stats right on your dashboard. They’ve added enough buttons to give you excellent insights at quick glance, in the dashboard, right when you login to your site.
  8. Add From Server – This handly little plugin allows you to add files to the media library, should you happened to have ftp uploaded them to the server. This is more for web designers, but if you know what I’m talking about, you can easily add files back into the media library with Add From Server.
  9. Advanced Code Editor – Another plugin for web designers who code markup.  If you need to have some line numbers, semantic colors, and a host of other helpful coding features, then don’t forget to add Advanced Code Editor, but it doesn’t add anything to your content editor.
  10. Maintenance – Should visitors happen upon your site prior to launch, this plugin is a great way keep them interested. I has a nice default splash screen that keeps your site hidden from the prying public until you’re ready.  You can login on the splash, and thus disappear the maintenance screen while you work on updates.
  11. Theme My Login – This is nice to get a login, without the WordPress branding all over it.  Not that we don’t love WordPress.  We love you WordPress. Theme my login will put your admin login into your sites theme, so your login seems more recognizable, maybe good if you have ADHD, you’ll know which site you’re on.
  12. Simple Links – We just testing this out for the first time, but it seems to be a basic and nice way to add a link roll to your site.  We’ll let you know if we come up with something better, but in the meantime, Simple Links FTW.
  13. Disable Comments – Often handy to have installed.  I like to have comments, but they usually just result in spam, I’m afraid.  Oh well, install Disable Comments, and just 86 the whole WordPress commenting portion of your install.
  14. Intuitive Custom Post Order – Add drag and drop post re-ordering to your install.
  15. WP Retina 2x – Dare I say we need this plugin for iPad?

Best WordPress Pluigins – Multi Plugin Installer List

Don’t forget you need to install the Multi Plugin Installer first before you can just copy a list of plugins in like we have here.  In your WordPress Admin area available usually at http://yoursite.com/wp-admin you need to hover over the Plugins menu item, and select ‘Add New’  then you can search for and install Multi Plugin Installer.
After, you get the plugin installed and activated, you can access the Multi Plugin Installer via a new menu link created in your admin area main menu. The main menu is the vertical menu on the left. No, the other left! That’s it.

Yoast SEO
WP Edit
Add From Server
Google Analytics Dashboard
Advanced Code Editor
Theme My Login
Simple Links
Disable Comments
Intuitive Custom Post Order