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“Do whatever you need, Adam. I know you don’t sell me on services I don’t need.” – Rona Gindin http://www.ronagindin.com

Marshall, a multi-project customer, had these kind words to offer and even sent me some stats to confirm his success:

I know you were working off the theme & didn’t change a TON of stuff… but your design elements are critical and UI driving for Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services.

Which is why I wanted to share with you:

Since the site redesign, we have seen our bounce rate drop by ~35% or more, and it is still trending downward.

Plus, our average time on site has more than doubled, from ~1:20 – 1:30 up to 3:00, and it is still trending upwards (esp. from search traffic)!

I just wanted to share, and these numbers are improving steadily still!

Marshall Hatfield
Co-Founder, CEO

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