Looks like the RocketTheme developers want to use timber now to somehow streamline the creation process for their fancy template engine Gantry 5. Well, if you’ve tried to add a category description in WordPress running Timber, you might be scratching your head some, and I have one solution here. Please take a look to find out how to add a category description in WordPress. This is a little different with Gantry 5, you would usually use an extremely simple php tag to accomplish this.

First in your theme’s functions.php

add_action('cat_description', 'my_function');

function my_function($context){
    //$context stores the template context in case you need to reference it
    echo category_description(); //outputs title of yr post

Now you need the archive.html.twig file, and paste the following snippet to call your new action:

{% do action('cat_description') %}

I’ll show you where I put mine, so that the category description appears under the category title, duh.

             {# Begin Page Header #} 
             {% if gantry.config.get('content.' ~ scope ~ '.heading.enabled', '0') %}
                <header class="page-header">
                        {% if gantry.config.get('content.' ~ scope ~ '.heading.text') is not empty %}
                            {{ gantry.config.get('content.' ~ scope ~ '.heading.text') }}
                        {% else %}
                            {{ title }}
                        {% endif %}
                    {% do action('cat_description') %}
            {% endif %}
            {# End Page Header #}         

I started to just call the new action category_description instead of cat_description, but there must be some conflict, because it threw a 500 Internal server error.

I hope this solved your difficulty, if you found this via SERP. Please don’t hesitate any information that could make this easier, or clarify how to deal with category description in timber on WordPress! Thank you.