Looking for a WordPress expert for hire? Megabotix can service all WordPress requests for a simple $40/hr flat rate. This rate works great for ‘client and contractor’ alike. Take a look at the following short list of the most common tasks we perform for websites built on WordPress:

  • WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme Installation
  • SEO Content Creation and Custom CSS styling
  • Google Integration (Analytics + Search Console)
  • Security and SSL Installation
  • Automated Cloud Backup and Restoration

Sure you could hire a specialist for less per hour, but feedback from our clients indicates Megabotix ingenuity reigns supreme.  We aim to provide excellent communication and diligent execution of all tasks.  We relay to you the most crucial priorities and employ proof readers for all public-facing content. You can’t find a WordPress expert for hire with better communication skills.

Prooven Efforts as a WordPress Expert For Hire

Megabotix builds and maintains dozens of WordPress sites throughout the year.  We have six years experience working with WordPress frameworks, themes, and plugins. We understand the foundational server technology that our websites run on.  We can build your site in a testing sandbox before you go live.  Additionally, we know what works and what doesn’t from years of testing, which means we don’t have to wade through tough BS.  Your site will come standard with the industry’s best plugins out of the box, and maybe even a few premium plugins, if you require extra functionality.

1-2-3 We Make You A Web Wizard

Not only will Megabotix will assist you with any WordPress-related tasks, we’ll train you as needed too! Even though WordPress makes for an excellent open source CMS, you still require some knowledge and savvy to harness it.  We create fresh engaging content on demand or with our help, you can become a content wizard yourself.  Then, you will have the power to create your own compelling and engaging content. Don’t keep searching for a reputable WordPress expert for hire.